• 1 compact dry plate
  • 2 – one mL sterile pipettes
  • 1 Membrane film
  • 1 bacteria testing apparatus
  • Distilled Water
  • Bottle of Methanol
  • Tongs
  • A Lighter
  • Your sample
  • A permanent marker
  • Hand Pump



1. Clean your surface thoroughly with wipes or disinfectant.

2. Put on gloves.

3. Gather materials

4. Sterilize the bacteria testing apparatus (YOU MUST DO THIS IN BETWEEN EVERY SINGLE TEST):

a) Take the top of apparatus and unscrew the plastic container so that it is loose but not completely undone. Turn it upside down to check that it is not too loose. Set it on the table.
b) Unscrew the methanol bottle and use one sterile pipette and to pull up about 2 mL of methanol.
c) Drop 5-8 drops of the methanol into the base of the apparatus.
d) Tilt the base so that the methanol is along the side of the base.
e) Keeping the base tilted, use a lighter to light the methanol on fire. BE CAREFUL THE BASE WILL GET HOT!
f) Once lighted set the apparatus down and turn the plastic cap upside down into the container.
g) Wait 5min for apparatus to sterilize.

5. While waiting for your apparatus to sterilize label the cap of your compact dry plate with your last name date sample was collected and H or N for home or neighbor.

6. Use your other sterile 1 mL pipette to draw 1mL of your sample.

7. Remove the cap of the compact dry plate and soak the medium with your 1mL of your sample.

8. Replace the cap and wait for 5min of sterilization to finish.

9. After 5min remove the apparatus top and place it upright on the base of the apparatus. BE SURE NOT TO SET THE TOP ON THE TABLE IT IS NOW STERILE!

10. Hold the tongs in a flame for a few seconds to sterilize them.

11. Being careful not to set the tongs down on the table, grab the membrane film and open the plastic.

12. Use the tongs to remove only the top layer of the film.

13. Unscrew the plastic tubing completely from the apparatus and use the tongs to place the membrane film flat at the bottom of it.

14. Screw the plastic tubing back on the top tightly.

15. Rinse the inside of the plastic tubing with distilled water.

16. Fill the tube with 100 mL of water.

17. Attach the pump and pull the water through the tube into the base.

18. Remove the plastic tube.

19. Re-sterilize your tongs with a flame.

20. Use the tongs to gently pull up the edge of film.

21. Open your compact dry plate cap and roll the film on the medium.

22. Close the cap and place the sample in the incubator for 24-48hrs.

23. Read the results after at least 24hrs.