Project Tap In

Creating a network
of young water quality testers
that are aware and taking action
about the quality of their drinking water

What We're Doing

We are collecting water samples from our neighborhoods and schools and testing for pH, lead and coliform bacteria.

We are also combining our results into a database that is open to the public.

Why We're Doing It

Water is essential to life. If your water isn't safe, you aren't safe.

If there's something harmful in your water you should know about it.

Why You Should Do It Too

Water quality is important, for everyone. Testing your own water is easy and entering it to the database is even easier. And the bigger the database the more accurate the results.

It's so easy to be part of this movement.

Did you know?

Drinking unsafe water could give you illnesses and in extreme cause death. Sometimes water that you think is tested and safe for consumption, actually may not be. Many times the contamination is odorless, colorless, and tasteless and won't be caught easily.